Design & Construction

Hardscape Design & Construction’s expertise in patio and walkway design is well known in the area. The first step in building your project is to have one of our knowledgeable designers visit your home for a free consultation. These designers can help in the planning stage, material selection, and pricing. The first step in how to build a flagstone, brick, concrete, or stone patio, walkway, or driveway project is to design the grade and shape of the patio, walkway, driveway, or pool. The area must be graded to encourage positive drainage on your property. Our masonry teams are trained to produce a grade of ¼” per foot. This grade makes the patio, walkways, and driveways look fairly level but will move the water away from your home without a problem. We then remove all grass and prep the area for our concrete pour. Any down spouts or sump pump or outlets are attached to a new drayage system below your patio or walk way. When the shape of the forms has been approved by the home owner we pour 3500 psi concrete. This concrete pour may be reinforced with fiber, wire mesh or rebar depending on the local soil types. The patio, walkway, or driveway is then capped with Pennsylvania square cut irrigator flagstone, brick pavers or material of your choice. Some home owners like to add a brick edge to their project. We set our flagstone in a mixture of type 1 or 2 Portland cement and fine masonry sand. If your patio or walk way project is to be capped in brick we would then use type S masonry cement and sand mixture.